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Also view a selection of EARLIER MODELS made by Serge Roberge.

About the Models

These finely detailed models make excellent retirement, corporate or personal gifts, as well as handsome home and office display pieces (view list of clients).

All models are built at 1:16 scale. Serge drafts the plans for each model himself, from measurements taken from the actual machine or from photographs. He selects the woods that will most compliment and accentuate the shape and function of the model. Every part of the model is hand made at his workshop. The models are finished with clear lacquer to bring out the natural colour of the woods used. Personalized detailing, such as decals, numbering, logos etc., can be added to any model to further personalized the model.

Custom fit display cases and stands are also available.

Every model is made to mimic the actual machine-vehicle-building. All models have moving parts that enable the model to be manually adjusted and displayed in several different positions. For example:

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