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When Serge Roberge worked as a logger, his days off were his time to paint, sculpt and work with wood. Serge’s very first models, built in the 1980's, were of a loader and a logging truck. He built them so that they could be positioned to operate like the real machines. Those models were made of only one wood and portrayed minimal detail of the originals.

By the 1990's Serge fine-tuned his skills by adding more detail and functionality to his models. Eventually Serge caught the eye of private industry companies and local individuals who commissioned replicas for retirement gifts, office display pieces and home decoration (see Earlier Models).

In 1999, Serge began incorporating a variety of woods into his models (see Delimber). Using more than one wood enriches the model by adding dimension and allowing for more detailing. Always working to enhance his models, by 2004 Serge's attention to detail reached a new level (see John Deere), with smaller and smaller details such as knobs and control buttons in cabs, and bolts on engines to name a few. Although the majority of Serge's work has been on heavy equipment and trucks, he also builds replicas of boats and buildings, and vintage cars and trucks.

Serge is continually adding more and more detail with each model. Serge’s patience, meticulous attention to detail, remarkable skill and superb workmanship produce outstanding models that are collectable works of art. If you would like learn more about Serge and his models, please contact him by phone or email anytime.

"Serge Roberge is a true master of modeling..." Benchmark article, Vancouver Island Woodworkers' Guild.


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